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Important Tips For First Time Renters

Renting in New Jersey Can be an exciting time in your life, there is no better feeling than getting keys to your new apartment and opening a new chapter for yourself. Renting is the best way to give yourself the first taste of independence. However, there may be some unexpected bumps along the way! If you are a first-time renter, please make sure to read our blog about some important first-time renter tips!

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Use A Realtor

Using a Realtor will make your apartment hunt extremely easy, especially if you are not new to the North Jersey Area. Our site is called inpetewetrust because we are here to make sure that you are getting the best Realtor advice that you can get! Pete has learned the markets the surrounding areas. If you are unsure about where in New Jersey to go, Pete has locations in North Bergen, Hillsdale,Springfield, and Roselle NJ.

Bring A Checkbook

If you are on the apartment hunt, you must be committed to making a decision, possibly the day of if you find the one for you. This is a common tactic that most apartment hunters will use to show good faith in their dedication to renting an apartment. When you are ready to rent an apartment, you will notice that your hunt can be exhausting, and if you second guess at a fantastic price, it could be gone the next day, so make sure you keep that checkbook handy.

Read The Lease

If we help you find the perfect apartment, we will type up a lease for you. We will make sure that you read the contract from start to finish. We thrive off of making great connections and referrals so that last thing we would want is to have you feeling like you were scammed last minute or forced to sign a lease you do not think is fair. If you find an apartment that looks amazing but, in the lease, the utilities are $100 more than you expected to pay that month, it would be best to let us know, and we can find you another apartment that would be more suitable to your budget!

Contact Us

If you feel you are ready to contact us please call us at tel:908-451-2311. Also feel free to enter your information and look for our Current Listings Here. We hope to hear from you soon, happy hunting!

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